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As a business owner, you’ve already proven you’re smart, focused, determined. You’ve come a long way with minimal support, but now your business is ready for the next level.

Amanda Mili Consulting offers a unique combination of web and writing services that will expand and improve your online presence.

Having a website that’s smart, informative and attractive is a must for any business. Pairing that with flawless copy that showcases your expertise garners trust in your product or service. Sharing that expertise through social media increases your exposure and brand recognition, and therefore your chances of success.

Don’t guess at what you need to do next. Let my experience guide you from “good” to “great.” I can’t wait to get started.


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Featured Blog Post

Always informative. Never boring.


Blogging is a passion of mine. From writing content to constructing the post and promoting it to your social media, my ability to blog your content and do so regularly will provide a new level of in-depth service and information to your customers and readers.


Presenting your company’s information in a clear and concise manner is a fundamental part of advertising. Whether you need something small to present at a trade show or something larger and a bit more informative, your unique needs can and will be met.

Editing & Proofreading

First impressions, though important, will eventually count for nothing if the promise of quality and professionalism isn’t maintained. A typographical or grammatical error can turn off your audience and make them think that sloppy documentation means sloppy business practices.

Flyers & Postcards

Need to announce your latest-and-greatest product or upcoming event to the world? I can design the perfect combination of graphics and text to make your important news just beg to be read!

Graphic Design

All it takes are a few directives, your vision of the final result, and the go ahead to “make it look pretty” for me to produce eye-catching and attractively designed pieces – no handholding required.


Whether you need something as simple as a slideshow to share the highlights of your company’s latest function or a full-blown professional teaching tool to use at your upcoming seminar, I can create a presentation with carefully chosen transitions, effects and music to best showcase your findings and captivate your audience.

Social Media

The importance of social media in today’s online environment is undeniable. Any company or business, no matter how large or small, needs to be “out there” in some fashion, yet figuring out all those platforms can be a daunting task – much less deciding what to post to them on a regular basis to keep them current.

Allow me to take care of your social media needs, whether you want a complete hands-free approach – from setup to postings – where it’s all done for you, or a level of service somewhere in between.

Book Publishing

Do you have a manuscript for the next bestseller, but it’s sitting on your bookshelf, collecting dust, because you just don’t know what it needs or what to do with it? My experience editing and publishing books can turn your plain document into a work of art!

Document First Aid

Do you have a wacky document that is riddled with bad formatting and no idea where it all went wrong or where to begin to fix it? Allow me to give your document new life so that when you present it, it will be flawless!

Email Distributions

A cost-efficient and green way to keep in touch with your clients, email distributions containing your informative newsletters and announcements are a sure-fire way to get in front of your consumers and get there quickly.

Ghost Writing

You have an area of expertise that you want to share with the world, but the art of grammar, punctuation, and possibly even communication, isn’t one of them. I can polish and smooth your words to bring out the hidden diamond in the rough, all while maintaining your voice. I can be your caped crusader in the shadows, letting you fill the role of superhero.


Any business owner knows the importance of getting its content into the eyes and minds of the consumer and keeping it there. Without constantly and consistently presenting new and valuable information to your most important asset – your customer – you run the risk of being forgotten – and, even worse, replaced.

Seminar Materials

Have an upcoming seminar to design and present, yet have no idea where to begin? Designing an attractive PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, supplemental workbooks and handouts, even miscellaneous items such as bookmarks, course certificates, or anything more you might need, is one of my specialties. Amanda Mili Consulting can take the ball and give you a slam dunk.

Wordpress Website Creation

The majority of today’s marketplace goes to the Internet as their first source of information. Unattractive, cluttered and poorly designed websites that are hard to navigate and digest can become your company’s and your readers’ worst nightmare. I can design a blemish-free website, or even review the one you already have for ways to freshen it up, so that you can present your best virtual face to the world.

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