A client recently approached me about designing a website for his new business. After several discussions, we created a comprehensive business solution rather than the single-faceted solution a website alone provides. Read about how Mr. Crawford’s needs were met and his expectations exceeded in his testimonial below:


Amanda Mili Consulting does it all!

Amanda Mili, owner of Amanda Consulting, has been my business’ one-stop provider of business services from the beginning; to getting my business off the ground, to keeping it running.

The First Step

It started with a free consult in which Amanda and I discussed all of my business needs in detail. Her expertise was immediately evident in her knowledge of what a business needs to do to attract customers. From that first meeting, she began working her magic, keeping me involved and informed throughout the process. It was apparent that her goal was to ensure that I was totally satisfied with her design and products.

Website Design & Hosting

These designs and products materialized into a very clean, professional, corporate website, which is 100% better than I had envisioned. Because of Amanda’s desire to meet as many of her clients’ needs as possible, she was also able to host my website. What a convenience having the website and hosting with a single company.

Marketing Materials

The website and hosting were just the beginning. Amanda also designed my business brochures and business cards, all matching my website’s design and color themes. She even had my business cards printed. When she sent me the proof for the brochures, I told her that I would print them on my own, and she recommended a very inexpensive local company that printed professional quality brochures. She then gave me instruction on exactly what to say in an email when placing my order to ensure they would be printed to the proper specifications. I sent the email as she said and went the next day to pick up the perfect brochures.

The Extra Mile

Amanda also advised me on setting up a “free” account allowing my business to accept credit cards via email or over the phone.  The company also provides free equipment for cell phones to swipe credit cards, and the capability to send invoices via email, which allows customers to pay online. Amanda also advised and assisted me in setting up a LinkedIn account, which has been instrumental in connecting my business with other industry professionals. It has been great, through LinkedIn, to get back in touch with former colleagues and supervisors with whom I had lost contact over the years. This has already resulted in work for my company.


Even though now my business is up and running, I still take advantage of Amanda’s amazingly affordable advising and consulting fees. She is very responsive, making herself available to her clients at their convenience. Throughout the month there are always business matters on which I consult her. Sometimes it may be additions to the website, asking her opinion on something I’m thinking about doing on LinkedIn, or it may be an hour-long discussion on bringing business to my company.  Either way, Amanda is a very respected, knowledgeable and caring professional who I have and will continue to trust with helping me build my business.

Billy B. Crawford

President, CRIMINT Analysis

If you need helping launching or giving new life to your business, let’s talk. Who knows where our discussions may lead you!

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