Don’t you love it when you visit a website on your smartphone or tablet and the content automatically adapts to your device? All the features and functionality of the website are available to you, just as they are on your desktop computer. The website is designed to be “responsive” or “mobile-friendly.”

  • Responsive websites adapt to a multitude of screen sizes while remaining easy-to-read and navigate.
  • Unresponsive websites remain the same regardless of what type of device accesses them.

If your website was created specifically to gain an effective online presence, ensuring ongoing contact with current and prospective clients, but isn’t updated to responsive design standards, you are quickly becoming the victim of “Mobilegeddon” and falling out of touch with the very people you want to reach.

“Mobilegeddon” refers to the current state of responsive website reward and unresponsive website punishment. On April 21st, Google implemented an updated algorithm that penalizes websites which don’t take into account that the majority of people accessing information online are doing so from their mobile devices.

An Above the Law article from July 17th, 2015 reports that “Mobilegeddon” has been more detrimental to unresponsive websites than originally speculated. Unresponsive websites are being pushed further down Google’s search results, often completely off the first page, while responsive websites are rising to the top. These unresponsive websites are allowing all of their hard-earned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be immobilized by not being mobile-friendly.

People are searching for you, and your competitors, on every device imaginable, but if they don’t find you on Google, you’re not even leaving the starting gate.

If they do happen to find you on page 2 or 3 of Google’s search results and your site is completely unresponsive, you may have made it out of the gate, but you’ve tripped in the first few steps.

Either way, they’ll go with your mobile-friendly competitors instead.

Here’s the challenge in today’s ever-changing information age: Stay current, or fall behind – way behind.

Give your business website the Mobile-Friendly Test. Did your website pass? Email me, and let’s determine which tools will get your website where it needs to be to pass the test.

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